Equipment and military uniforms of modern soldiers

Outfit a soldier of the future

The time of multi-million armies is coming to an end. Today, the outcome of the campaigns is decided by a relatively small group of professionals, and therefore the first place goes to the quality of training a fighter and his equipment. Despite the increasingly widespread use of electronics on the battlefield, its outcome, as before, is decided by people. The time when the fighter had at his disposal AK-47 and was protected only by body armor becomes history.

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The advanced armies of the world attach particular importance to the personal armament of a fighter, his defense, communications and navigation on the battlefield. Similar developments are actively conducted in the USA, UK, France, China and other countries. Russia, albeit with a delay, also began work in this direction. Starting from the middle of the last decade, the development of new Russian combat gear began. Dozens of defense enterprises took part in this project. The beginning of the massive supply of equipment complex in the army began in 2018. If you are have interest about military marketing look this website


A bit of history

Historical practice shows that the Russian military is not too fond of innovation. For example, the soldiers of the Red Army met the beginning of the Second World War in almost the same form in which their fathers fought in the First World War. The overcoat was shortened a bit, the shirts changed the style, but there were no major changes.


Almost the same situation was after the end of the war. New types of small arms were created, new tanks and aircraft appeared, and the form of the Soviet soldier remained almost the same. Serious changes occurred only during the first major conflict in which the Soviet army took part, the war in Afghanistan. The army has become much more body armor, which, by the way, the Americans began to use during the Vietnam War. There have been some other changes in equipment.

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It should be honestly admitted that military suit and equipment have never been a top priority issue for the Russian command. Where the number of soldiers was more important, the number of tanks and guns was even more important. The convenience of the fighter was thought of last.


Leaders in the development of military equipment, of course, are the Americans. The United States has always sought to fight with maximum comfort, and therefore in this country, traditionally, much attention is paid to the form of the soldier, the convenience of his weapon, the individual ration of the fighter’s food and the provision of maximum comfort, even in combat. It is possible that right now Russia will be able not only to catch up with the Americans, but also to create combat gear, at least not inferior to the best world models. You can also refer to marketing in the export of military products.

The concept of “Ratnik”

The new Russian equipment “Ratnik” should improve the combat capability of the fighter, increase the level of its protection, mobility and significantly reduce the loss of personnel, through the use of new technologies and materials. “Ratnik” is not only a new form of military personnel, but also a complex complex that includes individual communication devices, a night vision device, a protection system and the form itself. In total, the “costume of the soldier of the future” includes 10 different subsystems and 59 different subjects.

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He must ensure the effective action of a fighter day and night, in all weather conditions. For the first time, the general public saw the “Warrior” at the MAKS-2011 aerospace show.


Equipment items

The complex includes:

  • overalls made of special fire-resistant fiber, able to withstand the ingress of fragments;
  • body armor of the sixth class of protection, reinforced with ceramic plates;
  • a helmet made of a special material that can withstand a shot of PM from five meters;
  • the communication system and target designation “Strelets”, capable of transmitting information about the state of the soldier and his position in the command center;
  • positioning system capable of solving problems of orientation of the fighter on the ground;
  • power supply system;
  • special safety glasses that withstand small fragments;
  • shields to protect the knees and elbows;
  • water filters;
  • personal fighter’s weapons with night vision or thermal imaging;
  • special module for sniping;
  • several different types of thermal sights: for large-caliber weapons, for routine observation, for reconnaissance;
  • thermal sight “Shahin” - serves to ensure firing at any time of the day;
  • collimator sight “Krechet” and night vision monocular “Lun”;
  • special backpacks of different types and sizes (10 and 50 liters), as well as a discharge vest;
  • camouflage kits that provide low visibility in the infrared range;
  • insulation for use in the cold season, a rug, a ventilated T-shirt, a raincoat, a balaclava, a cap, a mosquito net;
  • tent and sleeping bag;
  • heat source;
  • battery for powering electronic devices;
  • special headphones that can be used during the battle;
  • knife “Bumblebee”;
  • the system of definition of “one’s own — someone else’s” (to be adopted after 2018).

The total weight of the complex “Ratnik” is approximately 20 kilograms (not counting weapons and ammunition).

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