How much and what do slot slot drives earn

Over the past 5 years, the online broadcast industry has been developing in gigantic strides (YouTube, Twitch). What began with video blogs and platforms for recording games, is now used in absolutely different areas. Including the active use found them in online gambling (poker, roulette, slots).

It would seem, why would someone watch someone else playing slots in an online casino or playing poker? But similar streams have found their audience. Thousands of people spend valuable time watching others play online. They are attracted by the atmosphere of excitement, big money and conversations with streamers.


While most poker players record broadcasts to advertise poker rooms that they represent or want to represent, to promote themselves and to discipline their game, casino streamers are primarily interested in money. Not those that they drop out on slots (this can be done outside the streams), but in those that they receive in addition.

If you compare the benefits of recording games in online casinos and poker, the amounts will be enormously different, because much more money is spinning in the casino. This is known to everyone who is at least remotely connected with the sphere of online gambling.

What do slot slot streamers earn on?

There are several categories of earnings from the streams:

1. Casino advertising

Who benefits from stream slots? There is no need to be a marketing genius to answer this simple question - of course, the casino itself. People see a bright picture, interesting slotocash casino bonus codes
, are charged with excitement of a streamer and as a result - they are interested in the game.


Probably you need to be a fool to stream the game on slots, collect hundreds of spectators and not get a penny from the online casino in which you play. True, the conditions here can be different. Someone receives a stable fee for advertising, someone works as an affiliate, and someone enjoys bonuses and cashback or just gets money for the game.


As for me, the most common second option. You must have noticed that in the descriptions for videos, streamers almost always leave a link to register in one or another casino. This is how it works.


It is difficult to calculate exactly how much profit such cooperation from the side, as the agreements with casinos are individual for each partner and are made to be kept secret. But if we talk about affiliates, depending on the type of agreement, the streamer can make a percentage profit (50% -60%) of the result of the player who registered by its link (Revenue Share method), the standard amount for any deposit or the stipulated amount for a certain deposit amount (CPA method) - 50 $ -400 $ per depositor. Make a conclusion yourself.

It is affiliate program with casinos that brings the main part of income from broadcasting to tape drives. As much as poker affiliates can never bring poker streamers.


Also, the network often discusses the possibility that, by agreement with the casino, slot machines can be “tied up” in favor of the streamer for the best effect of slot advertising, although online casinos and streamers themselves refute such rumors.

But it’s hard to believe that the majority of players simply can’t get it during the recording of live broadcasts. Moreover, Juven on YouTube has long shown how easy this deception is actually done:

If you are playing poker and watching the streams of Anatoly Filatov or Mikhail Shalamov, then it will not be a discovery that both players have recently changed poker tables to slots during the broadcast. Shalamov played in the casino of PokerStars, where he is Team Pro Online, and Filatov in TTR Casino, the owner of which, being a guest of stream Tolik, offered to play in his casino. Needless to say, both poker players caught upstream and won big sums?


2. Donates

In the casino or slots streams, collecting donations is not the most usual occupation. People see how you spin the drum, win money, and they don’t want to give you their money. Rather, they will invest them in the casino.


But sometimes streamers still try to collect donates and even the most charismatic ones do it.

Most often, money is collected for deposit at a casino or some interesting thing, and in order to interest viewers, various side bonuses for donation are offered: the percentage of winning on the stream, the opportunity to choose the slots on which the streamer will play, dubbing live comments and much another. In general, everything is like on any other stream.


But, as it was said at the beginning, donates for casino streamers are far from the most profitable way to make money on streams.

If you wish, you can calculate the amount of donations collected by the streamer, if you carefully follow the information about their arrival during the live broadcast. But their sum varies from many factors, and each streamer in each air is different. The correct approach and charisma streamer can bring a couple of hundred dollars for the broadcast.

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