Everybody knows the advantages of working as a programmer like salary, mobility and offices with increased comfort. Lets talk about minuses in this job.

1. An eight-hour working day, which is actually an 8-hour day. In other areas not always people work all 8 hours. For example, a driver who has the opportunity to catch his breath, a fireman who does not always put out the fire, and so on. In IT, you really will be engaged in mental activity for 8 hours, which, unlike physical activity, is a very difficult activity. No wonder that this job is well paid, because it is really difficult, it is morally exhausting and tiring. Actually you can to choose software development from vironit which has a very good working conditions 

2. Health. A novel in glasses, Vasily in lenses - recently lost 0.5 sight and now he has -7. You sit for 8 hours, burn your eyes with a monitor, constantly have some pain, dizziness, constantly hunt to swell (destructive habit caused by life in IT), and also hemorrhoids and back pain from constant sitting on a chair and in traffic jams.

3. Traffic jams. Work in IT in Russia (at least in the Moscow region) implies only the center of Moscow. In the periphery, there is no IT job at all, there can be 1-2 vacancies on the strength. And if someone says “So you go to freelancing,” then the answer will be - what is freelance in your pussy? Go to the freelance exchange, there is huge competition, and what - half a day to run after a client to get 500 rubles for editing any code? Oh fuck it. It was not for nothing that a division of labor was invented - one manager, another executor, the third one more. And here on freelancing you are offered to be like this ... reaper and a dudee on a dude To raise the loot on freelancing, it is necessary to do this is unknown for how many hours a day, do not sleep, do not eat, do not shit, and still it will be almost unreal, unless you are a narrowly focused special. But as practice shows, highly specialized garbage has very little demand. Therefore, in a month you will earn a maximum of 20-30K rubles. Raise 100-200K rubles from freelancing is almost unreal.

4. Difficulty. Few novice programmers understand what they have to face. For example, we work in a telecommunications company in the system of enterprises, and there is logic - what a fuck. Because everything is tied to the system - finance, logistics, technical side. When you are developing a blog, a guest book or a CMS, this is one thing. When you dig into the guts of a system that was written about 10 years old, with very serious business logic, this is different. Right now I was given the task of correcting the payment. I open the code - and I don’t know at all how I’ll fix anything there, because there the devil’s leg breaks, everything is so confused.

5. Permanent incompetence. If any welder or electrician as a professional knows his business “from” and “before”, then the programmer, coming to work, faces a new business logic, which is not always obvious and can be very complicated. It turns out that the programmer is constantly incompetent. Because knowing a language is one thing, but not everyone is able to understand logic, another’s code, and have an excerpt to understand this code. And it is very, very hard. If you take, for example, a dude who walks and repairs gas burners, then this fucking is as easy as compared to programming. Because once having mastered trivial things, you work and nothing troubles you, you know your business. In programming, every time you encounter your competence, because on every new project you are unfamiliar with business logic. No one would like that.

6. Red light introverts. For a long time, it was believed that programming is an occupation for home guys. But modern programming implies only teamwork. That is, if you want to do work, where you do not need to communicate, be an introvert and at the minimum communicate with people, go to the drivers better.

7. One is not a warrior in the field. They may ask us - “why didn’t you invent anything?”, For example, Linux. But the time of lonely psychos passed 20 years ago, now is the era of communities. A lot has already been written, but some, especially novice programmers, say “I will make my project that will bring me some money”, not realizing that these dreams are useless. Now all the leading projects are developed by entire businesses, the states of programmers. Therefore, you don’t even need to try to write something there with the thought “Oh, let me forget my CMS and get rich,” you have not enough vitality or time to do it. Therefore, even thinking about it is not worth it. You and your projects will never get out.

P.S. Programmers are not elite. None of you design spaceships, invent cancer cures, and the like. Do not consider yourself a new elite guys. You are the same office plankton as everyone else, remember this once and for all. Because nowadays there are often opinions of programmers that we are supposedly “new people”, “new nation”.