Winter: taking on a car and on gifts including those related to banking. Credit organizations wait, analyze the market, make decisions on revising interest rates; the activity of working with borrowers decreases for a short time, because first you need to determine the rules of the game for the coming year.

But no one bothers borrowers “to forge iron without departing from the cash register. Winter is not the best time to get a mortgage, precisely because weighted growth of weighted average rates is often observed in January, leaving the market for cheap offers and light consumer hysteria: they say that good apartments will soon end. In this situation, there is a high temptation to grab the first loan, on the most unfavorable conditions - just to give it, and quickly buy what has turned up.

What people know well, aimed at buying a car, and therefore closely following the seasonal offers of car loans, with various discounts and bonuses. For example, a zero rate on the condition of buying a car of the previous year of release (the creditor bank takes interest from the manufacturer or dealer). Winter is the best time for processing such loans. First, seasonal car loan promotions usually begin at the end of the year, and continue during the first months of the new year. Secondly, when you make an auto loan in the winter, you can buy a car in a quiet off-season period: the autumn boom in demand for the car market has already ended, and the spring has not yet begun. Also you can to click to get 1000 loan and fast get a money.

Accordingly, there are fewer queues at car dealerships, and sometimes prices are lower ... But at the same time, winter is truly “golden” time for POS loans, or, as they are often called, express loans issued directly at points of sale. Moreover, the demand and classic commodity loans, and instant credit cards, which some banks “trade with the tray” in large shopping centers.

Two peak months are December and February. In December, everyone is covered by the “New Year’s syndrome”, and in February we have to prepare for the “gender holidays” - St. Valentine’s Day, February 23 and March 8. POS-loans are most often issued for the purchase of jewelry, expensive household appliances, household goods. True, saving on interest rates is unlikely to succeed. But many goods in this period are sold with discounts, so that the loan amount itself may not be so great. And besides, with express lending is not required to provide any information.